Microwave Popcorn
Gift Set

SKU: 42542

HS Code: 2008.19.9000

Origin Country: USA

  • UPC: 019669010596
  • Qty per Case: 6
  • Freight Class: 60
  • Case Pack Dimensions:
    (L) 20.50" x (W) 13.50" x (H) 13"
  • Case Pack Weight: 14.25 lbs
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Farm fresh ears of popcorn grown right in the heart of popcorn country! Each ear of corn will pop right off the cob in 1-2 minutes in your microwave.

Inside the package is 4 microwave bags. Use one per ear of corn.

1oz. Fresh Picked Buttered Sweet Corn Popcorn Seasoning and 1oz. Bacon Popcorn Seasoning included. 

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