Ooh La La French Toast
Popcorn Seasoning

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Origin Country: USA

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  • Qty per Case: 12
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  • Case Pack Dimensions:
    (L) 7" x (W) 6" x (H) 9.50"
  • Case Pack Weight: 5 lbs
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"French Toast" Popcorn Seasoning: Indulge in Breakfast Bliss with Every Pop!

Wake up the taste buds of your wholesale customers with our "French Toast" Popcorn Seasoning. This delightful blend brings the essence of a cozy, weekend brunch to the convenience of a popcorn sprinkle, perfect for those who enjoy sweet, cinnamon-infused treats.

Sweet, Cinnamony Goodness:

  • Authentic French Toast Flavor: We've captured the essence of French toast in a bottle — the warmth of cinnamon, the sweetness of maple syrup, and a touch of vanilla, all harmoniously blended for a truly nostalgic taste.
  • Fine, Sugary Texture: The seasoning's delicate granules melt onto warm popcorn, creating a smooth, even coating that's reminiscent of the breakfast favorite.
  • Versatile Delight: While it's perfect on popcorn, this seasoning can also sprinkle over oatmeal, pancakes, or toast for a French toast flavor without the hassle.
  • Conveniently Packaged: The user-friendly shaker comes with a dual-flap lid, allowing for light sprinkling or generous pouring, making it easy to control the flavor intensity.

Why Include "French Toast" Popcorn Seasoning in Your Wholesale Offerings?

  • Breakfast Anytime: The beloved taste of French toast can now be enjoyed at any time of the day, making this a versatile product that's not just limited to morning sales.
  • Alluring Packaging: The warm tones of the label along with an appetizing image of French toast and popcorn catch the eye and suggest comfort and indulgence.
  • Sizable Quantity: Each jar comes packed with 4.4oz (124.7g) of seasoning, ensuring your customers can savor the flavor across many snack sessions.
  • Market Trend Fit: With the rise in popularity of sweet and savory snack combinations, this seasoning fits perfectly into the current market trends.

Stock up on our "French Toast" Popcorn Seasoning and give your customers the chance to experience the joy of a beloved breakfast classic in a brand-new way. This wholesomely sweet seasoning is sure to become a fast favorite for snacking and more. Order now and add a sprinkle of sweetness to your sales!

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