Holiday Edition
Retro Tin Collection

SKU: 45021

HS Code: 1005.90.4049

Origin Country: USA

  • UPC: 019669012507
  • Qty per Case: 6
  • Freight Class: 65
  • Case Pack Dimensions:
    (L) 13" x (W) 8.50" x (H) 12.50"
  • Case Pack Weight: 19.20 lbs
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Presenting our Retro Popcorn Gift Set – a nostalgic twist on the classic movie night treat! This delightful ensemble is designed for the discerning snack lover, featuring a trio of beautifully designed retro tins that capture the essence of old-school movie magic.

Within this collection, customers will find:

  • Gourmet Popping Kernels: Our premium kernels are non-GMO and promise a robust pop, resulting in fluffy and perfectly textured popcorn.
  • Signature Butter Popping Oil: Infused with the rich, authentic flavor of classic butter, this popping oil ensures each kernel is coated with a deliciously irresistible taste.
  • Vintage Movie Theater Seasoning: The ultimate finishing touch, our movie theater seasoning offers the taste of traditional cinema popcorn, with just the right amount of salty goodness.

Each element of the gift set comes housed in charming retro tins that not only keep the contents fresh but also add a dash of vintage style to any kitchen counter. The tins themselves are collectible items, featuring vibrant artwork and colors that hark back to the golden era of film.

This popcorn gift set is more than a simple snack; it's an experience. Perfect for wholesalers looking to provide their customers with a unique gifting option for holidays, special occasions, or as a thoughtful appreciation for film and popcorn aficionados. Offer your customers the joy of a time-honored tradition with a modern gourmet twist.

The holiday gift includes:

  • 16oz Gourmet Popcorn Kernels (Big & Yellow Kernels)
  • 12oz Premium Popping Oil (Classic Blend Popping Oil)
  • 5.5oz Movie Theater Popcorn Seasoning

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